Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mariachi Garibaldi concert at the library

Mariachi Garibaldi is a fascinating group of Mariachis from Southwestern University. It's the first (and only) college in the country to offer a degree in Mariachi music. The director of this group is the professor (a gringo!!!) and he gives an interesting history of the music. He's been involved with this music since he was a child. I've loved the music since I was very young, also. We saw them last year in the old library. This year they had a wonderful new and much larger space for their performance.

 The leader is the trumpet player.
There are even two girls in the group. Something unusual in the past!
(I only got a picture of one of them.)

A little boy in the audience obviously wants to be a Mariachi when he grows up. He was copying their every move and dancing. Here he's singing into an imaginary microphone.

They had a new singer in the group...another Gringo. What is this world coming to??? He was pretty good, but not as good as the real Mariachis. The oldest man in the group was a wonderful singer. I wish I had recorded him, but instead I recorded a little bit of the Gringo.
(This is the first time I've tried recording. )
(I couldn't figure out how to turn it sideways.)

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Food Smarts said...

This looks like fun. We miss too many things by not paying attention to what's on locally. I'm turning over a new leaf.

When I worked at Lawry's California Center, Friday nights the mariachis played in the bar. I have fond memories of the music, the margaritas and the beautiful gardens.

This is an interesting cast of characters. You always seem to find them.


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