Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ayn Rand, defrocked

The next time one of your "tea bagger" friends quotes Ayn Rand to you here's some ammunition. It's from an excellent article by Herb Crowther.  If you're interested read the whole article here:

"the heroine of the new Republicans was a pacifist who opposed the Vietnam War, a feminist who supported abortion, an adulteress who preached free love, a bohemian who mocked family life and child-bearing, an elitist who sneered at the common man, and, after all her “nanny state” rhetoric, a recipient of Social Security and Medicare and a late, sick convert to the benefits of socialized medicine."

"A passion for the prose and philosophy of Ayn Rand tells us a great deal about an individual, none of it good. There are few surer signs of a poor reader, a poor thinker and an unpleasant person than a well-thumbed copy of Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead."


Blue Heron said...


Elizabeth said...

So glad you dislike Ayn Rand as much as I do --
never having read her of course --but just by reputation........

Tattered and Lost said...

Do you remember when she used to come on the Phil Donahue show? Fireworks. He'd end up running his hand through his hair trying to figure out how to deal with her lack of compromise and arrogance. She was right even when she was completely wrong.


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