Saturday, June 4, 2011

New house- still moving

The new refrigerator.

The newly painted art room. Now awaiting a tile floor so I can throw paint around.

Not nearly enough bookcases. This is the bedroom. Every other room has bookcases, also, but still not enough.

The dining room/ den. I love this cut-out panel over the window.
It reflects the design onto the opposite wall.
I haven't moved the table yet because we're still using it at the other house.

My ex-husband's painting and some peacock feathers from my previous house (where peacocks ran wild).

The front entry looking towards the bedroom. I haven't really decorated yet. Things are just sitting where they first landed.  


Food Smarts said...

The house is looking good! I love your art room - that cut-out piece on the window in addition to being attractive will also help with heat in the summer. The new refrigerator is cool.

tony said...

What A Lovely looking House! Enjoy!


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