Sunday, May 1, 2011

The new house- starting to move

 I love the entrance, but it's a long way to go to get the paper or take out the trash.

 I wasn't sure whether I liked these elephants or not. There tusks were broken off and they were a wee bit odd, but I sort of liked them. The decision was made for me, though. They're gone now. I think the old owner must have taken them... should I make a fuss and try to get them back or should I assume they weren't fated to stay with me?

The wisteria just finished blooming on one of the decks. It was beautiful, however, I just found out they've been causing havoc with the wood. Wood- rot galore. They're going to have to be cut way back and most of the deck has to be re-done. Not something I had budgeted for. 

We've taken boxes and boxes of books over and haven't even made a dent. All the rooms in the house will be full of book cases.

 Don't forget me!


stART said...

A lot of work, but what a treasure box of a home you`re creating!

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a beautiful wisteria!
Your house look nice!


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