Saturday, August 21, 2010

SEPIA SATURDAY-Girl Scouts reappear on T.V. show

A few weeks ago I posted about my girl scout experience and mentioned that we were on a T.V. show. I just found this newspaper clipping and I see that "because of our knowledge of animals and poise before the television camera" we were called back for a second appearance.  Sounds like they were hurting for show material. 

The article says we discussed the care and raising of pets with Dr. V. A. Young, head veterinarian of the Anti-Cruelty Society.  The show was on WENR-TV. in Chicago. It goes on to list all of our names and addresses. This would have made it handy for a pedophile. I don't think they would do that in today's newspapers. Although I don't suppose pedophiles look up little girls addresses in the paper.

It looks like I was very good at tying my tie. I can still remember how to do it, "right over left and under, left over right and under".

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Check out my sister, Nancy's post about her childhood diary. It's hilarious. At least, I thought so. But she always makes me laugh.
Diaries are hilarious


gibknitty said...

you made me snicker with your comment about the addresses in the newspaper and pedophiles. it's good to know you still know how to tie the tie. very important :)

Nancy said...

You girls with your big smiles were so cute! Surely you must have felt pleased and excited to be on TV! I had forgotten the uniforms. I had one but I don't think I was ever photographed in it. Fun post.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh my! I still say the right over left and under thing when I tie a square knot. Very useful knowledge! I remember how much I loved wearing that uniform back in fifth or sixth grade.

Marilyn said...

I had years of tying a school tie and used to same the same. I love this newspaper clipping.

Christine H. said...

I immediately noticed the addresses too. I wonder what the point was for listing those. You were cute as a button.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

OMG! Now I remember how to tie it too! Brought back memories of my Girl Scout days! It was a different world back then, wouldn't have thought of pedophiles! Well a great photo you were probably the stars of the local TV circuit!

tony said...

Big Smiles! I am scouring YOUTUBE for a clip !


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