Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I don't know if this is the same couple ( they all look alike) but every year about this time they show up for a swim.  The Pool Guy (that's his company name) always wants me to shoo them away because he says they make a mess, but I'd really like them to stay.  They never do, though and I don't shoo them away.  At my previous house a couple moved in and had ducklings.  It was fun to watch them enjoy the pool.  A friend, who was watching my house while I was away, fashioned a ramp for them so that the ducklings could get out of the pool. He thought they were ready to leave but couldn't fly to get out on their own.

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katydidsworld said...

I too have a pair of mallards that have been visiting for the past few years. They arrived early this year due to the warm weather we experienced in March. We're in upstate NY. What's unusual this year is that there's an extra male with them. They're still with us feasting on whatever is living in the standing water in our pool cover. We won't be opening our pool for a couple of weeks. By the time we open our pool they're usually gone. I enjoy seeing them year after year.


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