Friday, February 12, 2010

Embarrassing travel moments- China 1985 (First in a series)

Oh boy, a place to get your picture taken as a Chinese Empress. Who could resist? I get in line. At last I'm at the front of the line. Excitement mounts! I'm going to be beautiful. I'm prepped for the role by the Wardrobe Master.
A crowd forms to watch the foreigner turn into a Chinese Empress. The director gives directions (in Chinese) . I think he's saying tilt your head a little to the left. The crowd approves (in Chinese). I think they're saying "Isn't she beautiful?" (Is that a pizza I'm holding?)

I stand here like this on a little platform, for a very long time. Somehow I don't think they think I'm beautiful. It starts out as a few gentle giggles then builds to raucous laughter. The lead laughers are my traveling partners- Nancy, Dennis (our sales manager), Dickie Low (our host and benefactor of this trip), and Dickie's assistant (whose name escapes me). 
When are they going to take the picture? Where's the cameraman? It turns out you're supposed to have your own cameraman. No one in my party seems to know this and they all just stand there laughing. Please, somebody take the damn picture. Finally Nancy comes to her senses and snaps a picture.
It wasn't my finest moment. I did manage to smile, though.
Did you want pepperoni on that pizza? 

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McHargue said...

This is great. Are you scanning your old slides? you're inspiring me to dig out mine.

Barbara said...

I do have a lot of old slides that I'd like to scan but the scanner I have now doesn't do it. I used to have one that did.

Jane LaFazio said...

oh tooooo funny! I'm laughing uncontrollably. You DO know how to tell a story!!

Brett Payne said...

A pity the cut-out seems out of proportion with the occupant.

Alan Burnett said...

Thank goodness someone had a camera. You might have still been stood there today!

Little Nell said...

That's a funny story- I'm so glad you got over the emabarrassment enough to share the moment with us. I look forward to the next in the series.

Wendy said...

What kind of deal is that? And the Chinese are supposed to be so smart. It's a good thing you weren't relying on me because I doubt I would have clued in to take a picture and put you out of your misery.

Bob Scotney said...

Fun post hope the Chinese liked the pose.


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