Sunday, December 27, 2009

A dogone good Christmas

We spent Christmas this year with a lot of our dog friends.
Megan brought Arthur all the way from New York. She, Nancy and Arthur drove all the way across the country, missed most of the bad weather and enjoyed the trip. I took care of Tootie, Nancy's dog, while they were gone. We worried about how Arthur and Tootie would get along, but so far so good.  Arthur is pretty old so he doesn't particularly like to play while Tootie really does but they seem to have worked out a plan.  Here they are opening their presents.
On Christmas day we all went for a walk in Fallbrook's beautiful Los Jilgueres Preserve.
Megan and Arthur, Nancy and Tootie
You wouldn't think Southern California would have so much Fall color.

Before Nancy left she and I spent a few days at our timeshare in Del Mar. We had a wonderful time, shopping and eating. While we were gone Jeri took care of my 6 cats. She took the morning shift and my friend, Robin covered the night feeding. So while Jeri was gone for Christmas I took care of her dog, Prince.  Prince wasn't too sure about me at first but when I shared my donut with him we became fast friends. It was so hard to say goodby to him each night.

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