Friday, November 13, 2009

October Book Club- Little Bee

I know it's not just about the food (and the wine) but it's about equal to the book discussion.
It's been so long ago that I can't remember who brought what.  I do remember that Susan brought the delicious bread and Beth brought the mushroom tart from Trader Joes. Maybe one of you book club members can remind me about the other two.

We all loved the book.  It was about a young girl from Africa who stole away on a ship to England.
She spent quite a long time in a detention facility, escaped from there, found a couple who she had met on the beach in Africa during a horrendous experience. I won't tell you the whole story (it would ruin the book) but I will say it involved some fingers being cut off. I highly recommend the book.

Helen was in China at the time so missed the book club meeting.  We usually have food that has something to do with the book.  Helen wondered if anyone brought finger sandwiches.

If you are interested in more info about this book or you'd like to order it you can do it here:


Blue Heron said...

Well, fingers being cut off is certainly all the impetus I need to run out and get the book. Useless extra digits, who needs them?

Barbara said...

That really made me laugh, Robert (blue heron).
But if I hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have been able to relate the funny comment by Helen.
I really do recommend the book, though.


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