Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy birthday to me (2 days ago)

I didn't want to remember my birthday this year because it's a bad one. One of those decade ones!

But several people did remember and I got some nice cards and these pretty flowers. I told Nancy that I really didn't want to do anything, but Nancy, Bob and I (the whole Finwall family) went out for hot fudge sundaes. It was nice and subdued, It didn't make me dwell on my age for very long. The flowers were from the little Kinsey boys. Robin gave me some pastries from the new bakery in town. Delicious!   Thank you one and all.


Megan Hill said...

Hi Barbie. I was feeling terrible and guilty that I remembered your bday and couple days after the fact. BAD NIECE!!! I got mad at my mom for not reminding me but she said you didn't want to be reminded so I didn't say anything. Still feel rotten for not even mentioning it.

So I'll just say this: I love you very much and am so happy you're my aunt. I'm sure you'll have many many more birthdays that I won't bother reminding you about if you'd rather not remember.
You're the best!
Love, Megan

Barbara said...

Thank you, Megan.
No, you're the best!
You don't have to feel bad. I really meant it about avoiding my b-day.
Having you comment on my blog is better than any card or present.
Love Aunt Barbie

Plain Jane said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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