Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last day of our Book Art class. We all brought snacks. Nancy made cupcakes for me which I
decorated with miniature versions of one of the books that we made in the class.

Here's some of the things we made in class:
My encaustic journal pieces. The cover and spine.

My playing card book- The theme was birds- I chose peacocks.
This is a real feather from one of the birds at my Tumble Creek house.
The hardest part about this book was the spine. Maybe I'll explain how to make it in my next post. ( if anyone is interested.)

Inside the peacock book.

The house to hold the theme book- "Eyes".

Some of the pages:

Diane's house, made to house her book with a moon and stars theme.

Diane's playing card book with interesting spine.

Collaged pages of a playing card book- in process. (Made by Linda Jenerette)

Pieces of an encaustic journal- cover, back and spines.( I think this was by Beverly Halsey).

The last day of the Art By The Inch sale at the Brandon Gallery:
A customer chooses her piece of the mural.

Some of the artists.
Notice all the taped off sections in the background that have been sold.
It was a wonderful fundraiser for The Brandon Gallery-Fallbrook's artist cooperative.
(See more of the mural in previous post)

Megan (my niece) is here for a (too short) visit from New York. She's really enjoying our wonderful weather. New york is having terrible weather. It's making her think about moving back to the west coast. Maybe Los Angeles or Portland. Of course Nancy and I are hoping for L.A. because she'd be closer and we could see her more. She makes great super eight wedding
films (see her link at the right- Love Bird Films.- She recently changed the name to "Hello Super Eight"-( I'd better change it.) If you know anyone getting married check it out.
Here she is on our daily lunchtime walks with Tootie.

Tootie after a swim. She's usually such a cute dog ! She really didn't like the swim.

A rose growing on one of our avocado trees. Not really ! It's growing beneath it and it didn't get pruned. Suddenly there it was . Notice the tiny baby avocado just beneath it.


Diane said...

Gorgeous work! Well done you!

I think your playing card book is a piano hinge binding - bit hard to tell from the photo but if it is a wooden rod/pencil/stick or some such threaded through alternate loops, coming from front and back covers, then I think that is what it is called!

North County Film Club said...

Thanks for the info Diane. I think you're right. Now I can look it up and get the real directions.


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