Sunday, March 22, 2009

art class critiques

Our mixed media teacher, Mary Tomaskevitch

Here's some of the art from my class, mostly watercolors.
I didn't write down all the artists names and now I'm not sure which are which. Here's some of Mary's comments:
(Mine ,done about 3-4 yrs. ago) Should do something with background-maybe something should go off top of page.

(Linda ) - nice piece. good color

(Linda) -background, lovely . Tree looks a little flat. Would look better if cropped at top.

(Mila)- neat little piece

a lot to look at

fun thing

(Sue)- ginger peachy !

(Carol) - no dominant value- no cold or hot. (I really like this one.-B.F.)
(Mila)- perfect. like the way it's mounted

(Joy)- good start

(Diane)- fix hand, nice handling, tone down leg, add shading to leg, nice painting.

I didn't get all the paintings and not nearly enough of the comments.

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