Friday, August 8, 2008

New job

We just started a wonderful new job. We'll be developing new recipes and adapting recipes from The U.K., Italy, France, Sweden, and Germany. And I don't even cook! Luckily I don't have to, though ,because we have three very talented cooks to do that job. Nancy and I will be organizing and supervising. I'll be doing the art directing and photo styling. Nancy and I are also translating the U.K. recipes into American English. A lot of words are very different...cookies are biscuits in England, for instance. The hardest part is changing the measurements, though. We're having the other recipes translated and we have a crew of cooks who will test the recipes after they've been translated. Stay tuned for more of this...if I ever have time for blogging again!


Suzan Buckner said...

Good luck!! Sounds like fun, fun and more fun!! Plus you get to eat!!! Can't beat that!


5erg said...

Sounds interesting :D
Wish you best of luck with that!

5erg said...

oh and i started reading your post and forgot to write what i wanted to tell you in the first place:

love your banner!!

Barbara said...

Thanks Suzan,
The eating has been good, the work has been really, really hard and time consuming, but sometimes it is fun.
Each day it gets a little easier as we figure it out.

Barbara said...

Thanks 5erg, for loving the banner.
I went to your blogs and really enjoyed them. I love reading blogs from other countries.


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