Friday, July 18, 2008

Book Club- Catch 22

We wanted to read a classic. We chose Catch 22, which I thought was quite hard to read. Several others thought so, too. Kathy remembered reading it in the 60's and enjoying it then
but since that time so many other books (Mash, for instance) have been influenced by it that it sort of lost it's steam. Beth noticed that almost every sentence had two contradicting parts. A clever and complicated way to emphacize the theme.

Beth brought her infamous Margarita machine.
What a marvelous contraption! This is the second time Beth has gone to considerable trouble to bring it and the second time it didn't work. She says the only time it doesn't work is at the book club. A friend of hers put it together from a walker and a motorcycle. They use it all the time for neighborhood block parties when electricity isn't close at hand. Poor Beth had to make the margaritas the old fashioned way by plugging the blender into electricity.

The finished product. A perfect Margarita!

Laurie's ratatouie.

Roxanne's fruit salad.

Vickie's tomato, mozzarello, olive salad

Vickie's antipasto salad

Helen's taboulie.

Helen's plum galette

Vickie's lemon cupcakes.

Kathy brought wine. And a good time was had by all. Even though most of us didn't like the book it made for a very lively discussion.

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Megan Hill said...

yum! all that food looks delish! wish i was there to try it all.


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