Saturday, May 10, 2008

Art Class and birthday party for Diane

We tried an interesting new technique. Pulverize some charcoal until it's powder. We put charcoal sticks in plastic bags and then pounded them with a hammer. Poured some out on watercolor paper then poured or splashed some water on it. This then can be the basis of a painting.
This is what it looks like. This is Nina's. She sees a face and maybe a body.

Esther saw trees and hills- looks like the aftermath of the Fallbrook fire- This is the beginning of a neat painting.

Margaret added color to her charcoal--beautifully!

This is one of my charcoal blobs. What do you see in it?

I saw trees in my next blob, so started painting them. Mary said "where's the charcoal?" I had completely painted over it. She also saw several other problems. I'll keep working on it.
This also looks like the Fallbrook fire. I guess we just can't get it out of our minds.

Somehow I missed photographing Sue and Diane's paintings. Maybe they'll finish them and I'll photograph them next week.


Esther and Diane enjoy a laugh!

Margaret and Mary

Nina, Carol and Sue

Mary and Diane

Everybody did some "art" on the birthday card. I just noticed that mine said "Happy Birday ".

Sue made a beautiful birthday cake and brought coffee and neat cups for everyone to keep.

A wonderful time was had by all! What a great group!


Anonymous said...

Good thing the cake was last week, I'm on a diet this week.

Anonymous said...

Food and Art! There is not a better combination. Thanks for visiting my blog, Barbara.


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